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All you need is an email address



Create your own Pod

Once you've got an Authored account, you'll be able to create as many Pods as you like to group together people that can help each other


Seed your community

Adding people to your new Pod is simple. Admins can head over to the 'configuration menu' to invite users via email. Pod members will be able to invite others to the Pod as viewers.



Create / Collect amazing content

The members of your Pod will be able to create and curate conent that other pod members are likely to find interesting. As we all know, when we consume content of value, we're likely to come back for more!


Publish to your Pod

Some social networks suffer from problems like offensive content being shared because everyone can post/upload. We think that traditional publishers have long solved this problem through the model of editorial oversight and curation - with this in mind, we've incorporated these concepts into Authored. Only trusted editors can publish content to the Pod to protect against these kind of issues



Decide if / how you want to monetise your Pod (in development)

We're currently working on mechanisms to allow Pods to monetise the content created/curated within them - watch this space for more information!


Keep your Pod up-to-speed with notifications (in development)

Tasks and notifications are on the roadmap - we're excited to be able to bring them to you soon so that pod members can plan their output better.



Create some valuable content of your own

Once you've joined, you'll be able to create content under the banner of a given Pod - all stories created in Authored are constructed from 'atomic blocks' which can be easily created, re-arranged, shared and published


Chat with others in the Pod (in development)

We love news publications like the Finanical Times, the BBC, the Washington Post etc.. but are constantly frustrated that you can't talk to other members or easily contribute content - that's where we plan for Authored to be different. We're building a simple chat function so that our members can connect with each other within Pods


Developers: Integrate Authored with your product

Authored IO can be used to power digital products like, say a news website! Check out our API docs for more info or get in touch if you want help building something cool 😀