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Authored is a headless API-first CMS for

  • CTO's
  • Editorial Teams
  • Developers

Benefits include:

  • A solution to that 'editorial tools transformation' item on your roadmap

    Save your teams having to complete a multi-year project that takes resources away from realising other goals.
  • Get access to quality content APIs now

    In a few minutes you can get set up with the content API's you need to power your next digital product
  • Make life easier for your editorial colleagues, now.

    Provide your editorial colleagues with the editorial tools and workflows they want

Benefits include:

  • A beautiful writing experience

    We've put alot of effort into crafting a new type of editor that can be easily extended
  • The features you need to plan and collaborate

    Create ideas that you can convert into stories, assign tasks, leave comments on stories etc...
  • The freedom to work from anywhere, on any device!

    Authored is a responsive web application that works on pretty much any browser!

Benefits include:

  • An intuitive API that can deliver content to any website or application

    Teams working in different technologies can easily get around around a language-agnostic API
  • No CMS to install!

    Stop reinventing the wheel with every project and save time by avoiding having to install, configure and maintain your CMS.
  • You can get started building your next content driven product now!

    Without having to worry about setting up the backend you can build your next website, iOS/Android app or any other awesome digital product now!

Key Features

  • It's quick to get started on Authored

    You can have your publication set up on Authored in minutes.
  • Authored is configurable

    We recognise that not every business is the same so we've built Authored to be easily configurable to your needs.
  • Distribute to as many outputs as you like

    We understand that your audience can be in many different places today - that's why we let you create as many distribution outputs on Authored as you like.

Made in London

The Financial Times Building, 1 Southwark Bridge, SW19HL