Launching Authored 🙌

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By Niko Vijayaratnam
Launching Authored online today
Image caption Launching Authored online today

We’re creating a new type of media company

Launching Authored

Today, we’re launching Authored: A space online where you‘ll be able to to discover, create and monetise content of interest to you on the topics that are shaping the news and world around us, all without seeing any programmatic advertising..

Why do we think this product is needed?

We can all recognise that there is more content online than ever before and we’re constantly getting bombarded from a growing array of sources about the latest update, newsletter, notification etc... yet it’s getting harder to get to the heart of the topics that matter to us - We’re all getting more ’time poor’.

Added to this, we’re still unable to contribute content to the traditional media sites/apps we all use daily - the best we can typically hope for when it comes to engaging with the content published by a mainsteam publisher is to add a comment. At Authored, we believe that there is a lot of expertise outside of the typical newsroom and we plan to create a way for our audiences to have direct access to the same tools we use to create this site, so that anyone can submit content to get published at

Finally, we think that the way media sites currently monetise their content is breaking the relationship between the publishers & brands and the audiences they are both hoping to connect with. For this reason, we’re creating a product that won’t rely on programmatic advertising to survive.

How will Authored benefit you?

  1. We’re going to start out covering a few topics in detail (e.g. crypto, climate change or the future of work). We’ll introduce a broader array of topics in due course but we’re starting here to test the water and to provide a base to build from.
  2. If you’re interested in these topics, we’re going to be inviting a small number of people to beta test the platform and get published here on - if you’re interested in participating, please get in touch at

Over time we’re going open up some of the features we’re currently developing which include:

a) access to the network on our platform that is powering this site i.e. so you can contribute and get paid for content published here.

b) the ability to meet everyone else on in the Authored network and discuss topics of interest with them i.e. you’ll have access to ’the community’

How will we make Authored work?

We’re going to generate revenue through:

  1. Sponsorships: We plan to promote a different sponsor each day across our site. If you believe in what we’ve talked about above and would like to support Authored, please get in touch at
  2. We’re going to be putting content behind a paywall. Some content will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis and you’ll be able to top up a wallet which you can then use to pay for individual items of content - the wallet can be topped up via credit card or using an innovative cryptocurrency called “Stellar Lumens”. We’ll be announcing more about this in the coming weeks so check back for more info soon!

Today’s launch of Authored represents our very first release - A website that will carry the content we’ll be publishing over the coming weeks. It’ll soon expand to include the monetisation and community features mentioned above and will allow us to test our own publishing tools ’in the wild’ before opening them up for use by others.

We hope you’re as excited about the mission we’ve set ourselves and hope you’ll join us on our journey!

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